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Working from home has become increasingly common in recent years, and for many professionals, this means participating in multiple meetings daily. One of the most important pieces of equipment for these meetings is a speakerphone.

A good speakerphone can make a big difference in the quality of your meetings by providing clear, natural-sounding audio and minimizing background noise. In this post, I’ll discuss the core features to look for in a speakerphone, as well as the importance of sound quality and noise cancelling in home office speakerphones.


When it comes to home office speakerphones, connectivity is key. The device should support both wireless and wired connections, so it can easily connect to your computer or mobile device. Bluetooth and USB are the most common types of connections for speakerphones, and both are good options. The device should have a good range, so you can move around without losing connection.


The built-in microphone should have noise cancelling function. This feature is essential for blocking out background noise, such as other people talking or an appliance making noise, so that others on the call can hear you clearly. Look for speakerphones that have multiple microphone elements, which can provide a more effective noise cancelling experience.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the speakerphone is one of the most important things to consider when you are looking for a device for home office use. The speaker should have a full-duplex allowing multiple speakers to talk simultaneously, delivering clear and powerful audio, and should support wideband audio technology for more natural and immersive audio experience. The speakerphone should have advanced audio processing that reduces background noise and echoes, resulting in a high-quality audio experience for all participants.

Additional Features

Speakerphones often have additional features that can make them more versatile and easier to use. Features such as touch-sensitive controls, and mute buttons can make it easier to manage your calls. Some models also are certified for the most popular video conference solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom for a better integration.

Recommended models

Jabra 510 & Jabra 710

The Jabra 510 and 710 are both excellent options for those working from home. The Jabra 510 is a portable speakerphone that can be easily connected to a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth or USB. It also has a long range of several meters/feet (depending on obstacles like walls), making it ideal to move around with you. The Jabra 710 is a more advanced model that can be paired with a second unit for stereo sound and playback, meaning you wont need another set of speaker on your desk.

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Anker PowerConf+ & PowerConf S3

The Anker PowerConf S3 and PowerConf+ offer crystal clear sound and are equipped with noise cancellation technology to eliminate background noise. The PowerConf S3 is a more basic model, while the PowerConf+ is equipped with more advanced features such as AI-powered noise reduction for a better conference call experience.

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Poly Sync 20

The Poly Sync 20 is a plug-and-play speakerphone that connects to your PC or Mac via USB or to your mobile device via Bluetooth. The Poly Sync 20 has a wide range of features that make it ideal for conference calls, including 360-degree audio pickup using multiple microphones that track the talker, not the noise. If people on both ends talk at once, full-duplex audio makes sure nothing is missed., noise suppression, and echo cancellation.

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Working from home requires a good speakerphone to ensure clear, natural-sounding audio and minimize background noise during meetings. When shopping for a speakerphone, be sure to consider the device’s connectivity, microphone, sound quality, and additional features. Look for devices that have advanced noise cancelling technology, support for wireless and wired connections, wideband audio technology, and other features that can make your meetings more productive and enjoyable.